Benefits of Broken Wheat for Kids and Yummy Dalia Recipes

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Dalia or broken wheat is a highly nutritious whole-wheat cereal; loaded with dietary
fibers and anti-inflammatory properties. You can cook it in numerous delicious
recipes, both savory and sweet. It is a wholesome meal for babies and growing
kids. In addition, children cherish the nutty flavor and mouthwatering aroma of
Dalia recipes.


Kids would relish healthy dalia recipes, try now!

When to Introduce Dalia
to Your Kid’s Diet?

According to physicians, it is safe to introduce solid food to infants
after 6-8 months. Once you have included essential vegetables and fruits in the baby’s
diet, you can start giving them broken wheat porridge. 

dalia recipes for kids
Veg. Dalia recipe for kids is nutritious!

Initially, let them eat
a tablespoon or two. You can gradually increase the proportion when they are
familiar with the taste. Dalia is a filling and nutritious meal that keeps the
babies energetic for a long time and stimulates their digestive system. Here
are the primary benefits of Dalia
for kids.

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Benefits of Broken Wheat/ Dalia

Broken wheat contains essential nutrients like phosphorous, potassium,
iron, calcium, protein, Vitamin B3, and dietary fibers. It provides various
health benefits to your growing child. Here are the reasons to include Dalia in
the diet of your kids.


Broken wheat or dalia benefits are numerous
Roasted Broken wheat

Dalia Provides Instant Energy

Broken wheat is an energy-dense food. Only half a cup of Dalia
provides about 267 kcal of energy. It contains all necessary elements to
compensate for the energy requirements for adequate growth and proper
development during the early years of life.


Dalia Supplies Essential Nutrients and Minerals

Broken wheat provides all essential nutrients required for physical growth and mental development. For example, protein is crucial for
muscle growth in babies and calcium is necessary for bone development in kids.
Iron ensures effective cognitive development. All these nutrients and minerals
are present in ample amounts in broken wheat, making it a wholesome meal for
the babies.


Dalia Improves Metabolism

The dietary fibers in broken wheat help maintain digestive health by
enhancing gastric motility. The digestive compounds and fiber-rich substances
in Dalia keep constipation at bay. Dalia improves metabolism and ensures easy
bowel moments by strengthening the digestive system in growing kids.

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Precautions While Feeding
Dalia to Babies

Although Dalia is a powerhouse of energy and a wonder food for kids,
you should take the following precautions while feeding Dalia to your munchkins.


      Make sure there are no lumps in the recipe,
and the consistency is soup-like and easy to swallow for kids. Also, wash it
properly before cooking.

      Add no new food to the diet when you initially
introduce Dalia to your kids to rule out intolerance or allergies of any kind.
Broken wheat contains gluten which may cause gastrointestinal issues in some
kids. Wait for 3-5 days before re-feeding Dalia to your infants.

      Discontinue feeding Dalia for babies if they show any signs of discomfort. Consult a
pediatrician in case the problem persists.


Dalia Recipes for Kids

You can introduce Dalia to toddlers and kids as different healthy and tasty recipes. Here is a list of Dalia
to try.


Dalia Recipes for Babies

– Making
porridge is the best way of introducing Dalia to your kids’ diet. You can add
spices like pepper powder and cumin powder into the roasted, boiled Dalia to
enhance the taste. Moreover, you can also sweeten the porridge by adding fruit puree or
dates syrup.


– You can
easily prepare this recipe by adding curd to roasted, boiled Dalia. Make sure
it is soft and chewy. You can also add mustard seed seasoning to enhance the


Dalia Recipes for Toddlers


Yummy Dalia kheer for toddlers
Yummy Dalia kheer for toddlers

    To prepare
this recipe, pressure cook milk, cardamom powder, jaggery, and Dalia for 2-3
whistles. Once the steam is released, transfer the contents into a bowl, add
chopped banana, mash the mixture, and serve. You can also garnish it with
pumpkin seeds or seasonal fruits before you give this recipe of Dalia to toddlers.


    To prepare
this recipe, heat some oil in a pan and add mustard seeds. Once they crackle,
add onion and sauté until they turn translucent. Next, add chopped tomatoes,
carrots, peas, turmeric powder, chili powder, and salt. 

     Cover the lid and let it cook for a few minutes. Now, add a cup of dalia/ broken or cracked wheat.

     Mix well, add 3 cups of water,
and let it cook on low flame. Stir occasionally. Once the water dries and
vegetables turn tender, switch off the flame and transfer the contents to a
bowl. Tada! Upma is ready to eat.

– You can
prepare this delicious recipe by replacing rice with Dalia in the traditional
khichdi. Add veggies and dal, adjust the consistency with water, and your Dalia
khichdi is ready in 3-4 whistles.

      Dalia Halwa

     To prepare
this recipe, roast broken wheat in some ghee in a pressure cooker. In a
separate bowl, boil jaggery and water until jaggery dissolves. Add the water
mixture to the roasted Dalia. Cook for three whistles and serve hot.


Include these simple, quick, yet healthy Dalia recipes into your toddler’s
and kids’ diet from now onwards and ensure good health for kids. 


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