Elf on the Shelf Rules (Free Printable) for Easy Planning!

Staci S. Wright

If you have elves that take a look at your home all-around the holiday getaway (or you are considering of beginning this custom), introducing the Elf on the Shelf policies is one of the first methods.

You can make up your very own elf regulations, but if you adhere to the Elf on the Shelf reserve there are some precise ones outlined. Continue to, the excellent issue about this exciting getaway tradition is that you can genuinely make it your possess!

For an easy way to introduce the principles of elf to your children, scroll down to get the Cost-free Elf on the Shelf principles printable. Study on for extra details about all of it!

Two elves sitting with Elf on the Shelf Rules printable


In scenario you’re new to this, Elf on the Shelf is a holiday getaway tradition where Santa Claus sends scout elves down to earth to continue to keep an eye on all the small children whilst he’s occupied having items completely ready for Xmas.

There are some regulations associated with the Elf and his/her magic, but it’s also important to recall that this is also a custom that is versatile and you can use it in any way that operates ideal for your household!

If you are hunting for concepts for your elf, look at out our 50+ Quick Elf on the Shelf concepts!


When you buy an Elf on the Shelf, you get a scout elf and a storybook that points out the elf to your little one. The guide outlines who the elf is and why they are visiting your house. In the tale, the book also outlines the Elf on the Shelf regulations that your youngsters will have to comply with all through their elf’s stop by.

Some people stick to the e-book strictly although others do their own issue. We use the standard elf procedures and the Elf on the Shelf (some people even invest in a distinct elf) but we really do not genuinely have elves that bring about any mischief.

In the earlier, they have just concealed each individual working day. This year I strategy to use them as kind of an introduction calendar with them bringing a small address to the young ones each working day.

There are a wide variety of Elf on the Shelf elves to choose from!


The Elf on the Shelf has a few official policies that most people abide by. The policies are outlined in the storybook.

  1. Do not contact the elf
  2. Elves just cannot converse, but they can listen
  3. Your family’s elf need to return to the North Pole on Christmas Eve. 

If the elf will get touched, they’ll shed their magic and will not be equipped to fly back again to the North Pole to report again to Santa. This is the large 1 that makes daily life less difficult for us as parents.

Your children can communicate to their elf and enable them know what they want for Christmas. Their elf can consider their messages again to Santa each night.

When your little ones go to mattress that night, their elf will fly back again to the North Pole until eventually following Xmas.

If you’re nevertheless figuring out how this complete factor will work, there are a several Elf rules to assist out mother and father:

  • Each elf demands a identify. Your kids will have to have to identify their elf when it comes dwelling. Permit them have enjoyment with this! Our kids each have their personal elf so they named them, but if your family only has one elf, make it a family action!
  • There is no set date for the elf to get there. Your elf can arrive at any time amongst Thanksgiving and the initial week of December. It’s up to you! We have had ours arrive the working day just after Thanksgiving prior to but we’ve also had them arrive on December 1st. This calendar year we’re rolling with December 1st because we’re undertaking an advent-form technique.
  • You will have to have to shift your elf each evening. If you strategy on transferring your elf every single day, this is typically the most complicated part of the custom. Established an alarm on your phone to remind you to move the elf so you do not ignore!

We’re not transferring our elves this calendar year, but I’ll nonetheless want to set a reminder to get out the goodies just before the little ones are up!

Elf sitting on mantle with Elf on the Shelf rules sheet


If you want your have procedures cheat sheet, print the Elf on the Shelf printable policies beneath and hold them helpful!



  • Have your elf provide a copy. Area this printable next to your elf when he arrives as a great way to remind your kid of the policies. 
  • Dangle the policies on your fridge. Or preserve them in another notable location in your home so absolutely everyone can see them easily and bear in mind the elf principles!
  • Frame the regulations and use them as a Xmas decoration. Add the Elf on the Shelf procedures to the rest of your holiday getaway décor by positioning it in a frame. You can print the printable in any dimensions that you’d like!

If you need much more printables, you can also get cost-free printable Elf on the Shelf letters for arrival and goodbye.

Elf on the shelf dressed as a pirate sitting on fireplace mantle


Children are not permitted to touch the scout elves. The elves are extremely fragile and if human little ones touch them, they eliminate their magic and their capability to connect with Santa!

Now, allow me be actual for a minute, if your youngster does rough the elf, it’s all in how you take care of matters.

If it was completed on objective, you can have the elf continue to be at the North Pole for a day to have their magic set.

You can also do some effortless activities to assistance your little one get better (due to the fact they will in all probability be upset):

  • Generate an apology take note to Santa.
  • Sing a Christmas carol together.
  • Say sorry to the Elf.
  • Sprinkle cinnamon all around the Elf before going to mattress. (Describe it is like natural vitamins for elves.)
  • Set the elf in the freezer to recuperate (chilly like the North Pole).
  • Sprinkle glitter on the elf in advance of mattress.
  • Leave the elf underneath the tree (Christmas trees are magical, suitable?)

The most significant factor to try to remember about the Elf on the Shelf is that it is your family’s tradition. Never be scared to make it your personal.

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