Granny Graci’s response to your child, when she says “I Hate you”

Staci S. Wright

Parenting Pearls from Granny Graci

Simi is a five-year-old girl who lives with her parents in Mumbai. She is a single child to her parents.

Scene 1: Regular scene at Simi’s home

Simi’s mom asked her to stop watching her favorite series about “Tayo the Little Bus” on the tab, and help her with her work. Simi didn’t listen and she continued watching the videos. Simi’s mom came and snatched the tab away with an angry look.

Simi felt very bad and shouted, “I hate you, mommy“! Mommy got angry and was about to hit her. And Simi ran away from that place.

Scene 2: After a week, when granny Graci was visiting Simi’s family in Mumbai.

Simi’s mom asked her to stop watching youtube videos and spend time with granny. She didn’t listen nor respond.

After some more reminders, Simi’s mom stomped into the room and snatched away Simi’s tab.

Simi once again felt very bad and shouted with tears in her eyes “I hate you Mommy” and tried running away from her mom to avoid beatings.

Granny Graci came into the room and said – Simi, I understand that you are upset for taking away the tab, and for that, “I hate you” is not the correct phrase to use. Tell your mom that “I am upset because of your behavior“. Please repeat along with me.

When Simi said “Mommy – I am so very upset with your behavior”, Mommy hugged her and said I know baby, but I am also worried you are watching tab for a long time. I want you to go out and have fun that’s why I asked you to stop.

***** Problem Solved!!! *******

Granny’s Explanation: Kids are not able to understand their feelings and don’t have the right words to describe their feelings. So as parents, we need to provide the vocabulary to define their feelings without getting hurt by the words they use.


Note: This article was originally published on the MEQ Academy blogs

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