Grown & Flown Parents Connections Lead to ‘American Idol’ Audition

Staci S. Wright

Who does not like to discuss about their young ones? Who doesn’t like to scream their accomplishments off the rafters? Who does not adore compliments? The solution is each individual proud mum or dad enjoys to brag! But, it is hard to do publicly since our social circles consist of men and women with whom we have experienced a call who may seem at you and compare their youngsters to yours.

The moms in the Grown and Flown Mother and father group seem to be diverse. Most are super sort and non-judgmental, and quite a few present excellent suggestions.

The write-up on Developed and Flown Dad and mom served my daughter make connections. (Picture through Jill Bazos)

When my daughter executed, I hesitated to article on my particular web page

So, when my daughter had her 1st noteworthy general performance in New York Metropolis, I hesitated to article on my own webpage for concern folks would think I was bragging. As an alternative, on May well 17th, 2022, I posted a section of my daughter, Nicole, singing at The Bitter Close, a club in New York Metropolis.

Right after a childhood of remaining extremely shy, this was Big for her! Within minutes of putting up, hundreds of women were “liking” the movie and commenting, truly the nicest feedback. What did these people they have to shed if they told me she was a terrible singer, so their praise felt sincere?  

The attractive opinions started pouring in

1st arrived the comment from Jenny Lyneis:

I’ve been in the new music organization for 25 several years and she is really talented! I’m listed here if she at any time would like to speak or you have questions… 

I experienced thoughts! We did not assume this form of reaction. Is my girl really proficient, or are you just getting sort? I didn’t want the comments to give me a untrue sense of positivity, but I had uncovered someone who could validate her talent.

Then arrived the remark from Audrey Pine:

I am a casting producer for American Idol. Send me a DM and let us chat. 

Well, that a single set us off on a journey. Even though Nicole states she does not aspire to be a professional performer (she has other plans in the songs industry), we agreed that it would be fun to see where this dialogue would direct. 

Speedy forward to now, Nicole has given that absent through three Zoom rounds of American Idol auditions, and we have hired Jenny’s staff to help with ensuring her graphic is good and professional, a thing we have desired to do for her irrespective of where by she lands. 

Developed and Flown mothers and fathers produced a ton of connections for my daughter

Considering the fact that the Developed and Flown movie, Nicole has designed several great connections in the market. Her identify, and voice, have gotten in front of several sector pros.

She is releasing an “in-progress” album on new music platforms to join with other musicians who may perhaps not have entry to the most skilled machines and individuals. She has gotten exercise interviewing with and performing for important people today whom she would in no way have previously had the possibility.

At the time of this writing, we do not know if she will development to the live version of American Idol, but she has had a tremendous entertaining and significant ride, and we owe it all to Developed and Flown!

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