Heading Toward Winter | The Parenting Passageway

All outside is dark and cold

But just beneath the earth

Rest seeds from which new life spring

Bringing Nature’s gifts to delivery

  • Betty Jones, from “A Child’s Seasonal Treasury”

The days are shorter, the nights are colder, and the leaves on the deciduous trees have fallen. We are headed toward winter season, a time of deep relaxation, a time of assignments, a time of marvel at snow and lights and the gorgeous winter season sky with the skeletons of trees etched towards the horizon.

We can established up a seasonal table with snow white and pink silks, crystals of quartz and amethyst, glass vases, paper snowflakes or an attractive Advent tableau with a dark blue silk with candles and gold paper stars. The classic Introduction wreath can appear out.

We are transferring from a time of mourning and remembering our ancestors, the saints, those people who have absent before us to a new year and a new route. We are making ready for what is to come. What are the deepest longings of your coronary heart for the coming calendar year? Introduction can be a time of fasting and planning and thinking about for this new starting. I have already preferred my phrase of the yr for 2023 (for extra on that custom, see here)..I think this is heading to be a Big 12 months, so I selected the phrase Bold. I will have 1 youngster finishing college in December 2023, a different little one commencing higher education in 2023, we will have been on our farm for two decades in the spring, and with this I am producing some new and unique alternatives in the midst of this seventh 7 calendar year cycle of my personal existence and also returning to my roots in quite a few methods.

I am dreaming of some variety of Waldorf homeschool prospect for high schoolers and I am back to seeking to instruct at homeschool conferences. Waldorf parenting and instruction is so nurturing to all spouse and children associates, no matter what the age. It attracts me in with its therapeutic impulse around and over all over again.

What is contacting you for winter?



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