How To Ensure It Is Safe For Your Child

Staci S. Wright

Tylenol’s generic identify is Acetaminophen and it is utilized to address fever and delicate to moderate ache. So no matter whether you use Tylenol for teething/ Tylenol for teething little one at night time or whatsoever is prescribed by the doctor is totally secure when –


  • Given in the ideal dosages (in accordance to pounds & age)
  • Offered at the ideal intervals of time


If any of these are skipped, then Tylenol can be the trigger of liver destruction or even liver failure.


If your child is getting any other medication, when you start off providing them Tylenol as effectively, make absolutely sure that the other medications do not have Acetaminophen, as it can result in an over dosage. Administering the drugs at appropriate intervals is also necessary.


Quite a few cough & cold medications contain Tylenol for case in point –

  • Benadryl Allergy and Chilly Tablets (325 mg)
  • Sudafed PE Nighttime Optimum Toughness Tablets (325 mg)
  • Theraflu Nighttime Extreme Cold and Cough Powder (650 mg)
  • Tylenol Moreover Children’s Cold and Allergy Suspension
  • Tylenol Sore Throat Nighttime Liquid
  • Tylenol Upper body Congestion Liquid


Notice: Numerous of these medications point out Acetaminophen as ‘APAP’ in their content material listing, which several moms and dads could not be in a position to determine. So please be alert and informed of the articles before administering much more than a single medicine to your kid.


Acetaminophen overdose scenarios triggering liver harm are also noticed in grown ups. In actuality, a modern analyze conducted by Larson & colleagues identified that “Tylenol toxicity was the top cause of acute liver failure in older people in the United States.” Of the analyzed 662 older people with acute liver failure, 42% of the conditions have been prompted by Acetaminophen overdose.


We nonetheless say Tylenol is harmless and really handy when no dwelling remedies operate for teething agony. But we do emphasize on the value of the correct quantity of dosage and time intervals involving two dosages. That’s why most mothers and fathers all over the world are really comfortable and vouch for Tylenol for teething newborn at evening and even in the course of the day.


Tylenol, with the 160mg/5mL energy and dosages based on the bodyweight of the baby is usually protected for toddlers. Nonetheless, if you want to be doubly risk-free about it, chat to your health practitioner about dosage recommendations.

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