King of the mountain and other quail games

I introduced the Fowl Buddy AI feeder within right until right after Xmas. I found it on the ground just one early morning just after our GIla Woodpeckers have been hanging on it upside down and bought it to slide with their excess weight. It is strapped on the fence with a velcro strap that came with it, but it is not safe — naturally!

We decided to cement a pole into the floor and do absent with the velcro sliding strap. That was the job for very last weekend, but I bought unwell. I think we’ll wait around until soon after Xmas when we return property after investing a couple times with family.

In the meantime, I acquired some “critter crunch” bird seed and tossed a scoop on the ground. The quail went nuts!

I didn’t get any birds in the property other than for quail!

You can stop by my Instagram @e.a.wickham to look at quail dancing to Brenda Lee’s “Rockin’ All around the Xmas Tree.” I did not know how to incorporate audio to the online video on WordPress or I would have.

I’m not decorating for Christmas this calendar year, so I’m seeking to wildlife to make it festive!

Does any person know how to insert audio to photographs or movies on WordPress? If so, can you share?

If you have an Instagram account, would you share it in the reviews so I can abide by you?

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