Nutrition For Teens And Tweens

Leonora Bamford welcomes nutritionist Gabriela Peacock to the show to discuss tween and teen nutrition. Leonora quizzes Gabriela about body image and how to handle those difficult conversations, the impact of hormones and diet on skin and useful supplements to boost nutrition and support hormonal changes.

Tween and teen nutrition

“I so enjoyed catching up with Gabriela Peacock of GP Nutrition today. She is a fountain of knowledge when it comes to health and wellbeing and she is all about balance which is definitely my mantra. I swear by her vitamins and it was so interesting to hear her views on teens and tweens health, diet, skin and lifestyle with a lot of talk about balance and hormones.” Leonora Bamford.

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About Gabriela Peacock

Gabriela Peacock has built her practice as a nutritionist around a realistic approach to the demands of modern life. Gabriela started out as a model, then spent nine years studying two degrees, before setting up her first clinic in Belgravia in 2012.

Gabriela is passionate about the impact that high-quality supplements can have in every area of our lives from Sleep and immunity to fertility, energy levels and wellness. She later set GP Nutrition to revolutionise and simplify the way we shop for nutrients.

In 2021 Gabriela released her debut book, the Sunday Times bestselling 2 Weeks to Feeling Great.

Show notes

It’s good for Teens to have protein before bed. Easy forms are:

  • Cheese
  • Turkey
  • Low sugar yoghurt
  • Nuts

Good things to look out for teens:

  • A good multi-vitamin
  • Probiotics
  • Fish oils (great for hormone balance)
  • And think about zinc for boys

Kombucha can be a good alternative to lemonade and great for their gut health

Breakfast – eggs and yoghurt are a good option, or a nice nut milk with porridge. A protein shake is better than nothing

Mid afternoon snacks are important – remember the importance of protein again as this helps with mood swings and keeping blood sugar levels constant

GP Nutrition – great for mums on the run solution?_pos=1&_sid=9394f8932&_ss=r/?variant=40502026207268

GP Nutrition Fish Oils trio/?variant=32452677369892&selling_plan=595263524

Nutri Advanced – good brands to look at for teens and tweens

Wild Nutrition


Baba West for probiotics for younger kids

Fruit Bears

Strawberry Fruit Bears – buy 4 or more for 20% off

RX – protein bars for the whole family (UK supplier)

Sun Warrior

Vegan Meal Replacement Shake


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