Protect Your School-Age Children from These 6 Common Illnesses

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As a great deal as heading back to school can be enjoyable for young ones, the imagined of returning to deal with-to-confront courses can be stress filled for mother and father. Although your youngsters are absent, you may possibly be wondering about the health problems or accidents they may provide dwelling at the conclusion of the day. 

Of study course, worrying about these points is comprehensible for any well-indicating guardian. Having said that, you can take the move toward proactively shielding your baby by being knowledgeable about the typical sicknesses they could possibly expertise. With that in thoughts, right here are some of the most prevalent diseases that each individual Filipino mother or father should really know about—and some tips on how to protect against them.

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Viral Respiratory Bacterial infections (Prevalent Chilly, Sinusitis, and Flu)

The popular cold is in fact a prevalent ailment among the kids, especially throughout the wet period. Although this ailment is generally related with cold weather conditions and rain, the popular chilly is triggered by a viral an infection in the upper respiratory tract—not the weather. That reported, chilly viruses like rhinovirus spread easily in decrease temperatures. Typically, younger little ones can catch up to 8 colds each and every year.

Indications of a frequent chilly contain cough, congestion, and a runny nose. Commonly, colds will go away right after 10 times. If your baby ordeals indications extensive right after that, you may want to examine with your physician to establish if your baby has bacterial sinusitis, an ailment in which microbes infects your child’s sinuses. 

Additionally, if your kid ordeals a fever along with the other indications of the widespread chilly, your boy or girl may have been infected by the influenza virus. The typical chilly, bacterial sinusitis, and the flu are all viral ailments that can be handled with antibiotics, relaxation, and healthy foods rich in Vitamin C. Fortuitously, you have the option to acquire drugs on the internet so you can conveniently order your necessities and aim on using care of your little one.

1 of the best strategies to avoid the spread of microorganisms is by reminding your child to clean their hands with cleaning soap and h2o. If possible, you can inquire your boy or girl to carry liquor or hand sanitizer to faculty as nicely. You can also make positive that your little one will get their periodic flu shot for an further layer of security.


Leptospirosis is a further ailment that Filipino moms and dads must be cautious of, in particular considering that flooding due to persistent storms is not unheard of in the nation. This bacterial sickness occurs when floodwater enters the overall body via an open up wound, letting the proliferation of many contaminants such as rat urine, and animal feces. If your boy or girl has scratches or cuts on their physique and obtained exposed to floodwater, you may want to verify for indications this kind of as fever, chills, jaundice, and purple eyes.

To protect against leptospirosis, you can have your child use protective clothes these types of as rain boots and a raincoat during stormy temperature. 

Dengue Fever

Dengue is a person of the most commonplace diseases amongst little ones in the Philippines. Normally, children are a lot more susceptible to dengue simply because they have weaker immune methods than older people. Children are also much more probable to contract dengue since colleges ordinarily have a great deal of open home windows and outdoor spots for children to engage in in. 

The Philippines’ tropical local weather may also participate in a function in the regular dengue outbreaks in the state. Due to the fact of the persistent downpour in the course of the wet year, the resulting floods and rain could possibly outcome in the formation of stagnant water—the breeding floor of the dengue-carrying woman Aedes albopictus and Aedes aegypti mosquito species.

Typical indications of dengue include superior fever, vomiting, rashes, exhaustion, and suffering in the overall body and guiding the eyes. When the health issues turns intense, your child may experience bleeding gums, bloody urine, and abdominal ache. It is highly recommended to consult a medical doctor straight away the moment you suspect that your little one contracted dengue. To secure your kid from dengue fever, think about applying mosquito repellent on your child’s skin before they go to faculty and remind them to stay absent from ponds or fountains with conspicuous-looking water.

Pinkeye (Conjunctivitis)

Pinkeye is a disease triggered by the infection of the eye’s conjunctiva—the transparent membrane that traces the white portion of the eye and the inner eyelid. If your child’s eyes are persistently teary, pink, and itchy, they may have pinkeye. This ailment can possibly be brought on by allergy symptoms or bacterial infections.

Pinkeye typically goes absent after a 7 days. If your child’s pinkeye was brought on by microbes, you can utilize antibiotic drops to their eyes to aid handle the symptoms. Aside from regular handwashing, you can protect against this disorder by reminding your youngster to chorus from touching or rubbing their eyes. It is also greatest to remind them not to share pillows or towels with some others who have pinkeye.


It is significant to ensure that little ones get nourished each and every day. But sometimes, contaminated meals and water could give your kid diarrhea. Aside from watery stools, your child may possibly exhibit too much thirst when they have diarrhea. When the disease is left untreated, your kid may knowledge serious dehydration. 

To be certain that your baby stays safeguarded towards diarrhea, you could want to remind them to often be discerning of the food stuff and h2o they ingest. Remind your youngster to remain hydrated with mineral h2o and as a great deal as achievable, stay away from ingesting avenue food stuff.


Chickenpox is an ailment that typically needs your youngster to remain dwelling for a week or two. Prompted by the varicella zoster virus, chickenpox is hugely infectious and can cause pink places and itchiness all above the body. From time to time, fever can also come with the obvious indications of chickenpox.

Besides reminding them to follow very good hygiene, you can have your youngster vaccinated against chickenpox to prevent the illness and avoid prolonged unwell days.

Aid Your Youngsters Keep Nutritious and Safe 

No matter how normally we remind them to be watchful about their bodies, young children are still youngsters. Your baby will inevitably come into make contact with with other persons, principally their schoolmates and teachers. On leading of that, harmful microbes could prosper in the food stuff they purchase or the surfaces they touch—be it their desks, the cafeteria table, the swings at the playground, or the seats of the jeepneys and tricycles they experience.

Even now, you can assistance your kid remain on prime of their health by figuring out the diseases they are most inclined to. When it’s real that your boy or girl will be exposed to dangers when not below your supervision, you can continue to be a person move ahead and impart some finest procedures that will ultimately enable them as they expand older.


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