What I missed | bleuwater

A neighbor’s Mexican Fence Article cactus with Santa hats to combat the freezing weather conditions. It’s been a single 7 days considering that I bought a nasty cold with congestion and a cough. I attempted genuinely tricky to get in excess of it immediately so I went to bed for […]

It’s a stretch | bleuwater

Olive posing on the casita sofa. I feel like there is more I need to do for me. A popular term for it is “self care.” I try to eat right. I take vitamins. I walk seven days a week. I swim. I pray. But I feel like I’m missing […]

What’s up with trash? | bleuwater

This is the sidewalk outdoors our progress where we walked. On Saturday, my spouse and I walked exterior our community improvement on a sidewalk that took us two miles to the conclude of the highway. It’s not a quite active highway and throughout the street is the McDowell Sonoran Protect […]

An atmospheric river | bleuwater

I’m browsing my mom in the Pacific Northwest. This is what my cell phone blasted to me on my to start with early morning when I woke up. I have never seen a hydrologic outlook on my phone, nor an atmospheric river. I’m staying with my BFF from college and […]

From Summer to Winter | bleuwater

Last week I sought the shade. Now I search for the sunlight on my walks. When we left for Mexico last 7 days, the afternoons at residence had been topping 90 degrees. That is if it was not “monsooning” with thunder, lightening and major rains. We arrived property Sunday afternoon. […]

Consistently inconsistent | bleuwater

Staci S. Wright

The gorgeous pool in Palm Springs. Have you heard the phrase “consistency is crucial?” It is the practice of doing one thing frequently to develop a practice. I am continually inconsistent with my swimming. It’s for the reason that swimming is not uncomplicated. I also really don’t like obtaining my […]