Why Christians Must Care about Politics

There are few issues much more controversial than whether Christians should be included with politics, and if so, to what diploma and how that involvement should come about. In this episode, I crack down two fundamental premises for considering effectively about this matter:

1. Christians have the correct, politically speaking, to advocate for our views in the public square.

2. Christians have the calling, spiritually talking, to advocate for the great of other people.

I then react to 7 frequent objections to Christian political involvement. These (errant) strategies are sadly identified through Pastor Andy Stanley’s new guide, Not In It to Earn It, so I use rates from that ebook as a scenario examine to clearly show the problems with such contemplating. (To be apparent, these are complications I imagine there are with what he wrote, not difficulties he is presenting.)

The objections to involvement that I deal with are:

1. Persons do not like the church when we concentrate on politics.

2. Neither party signifies Christianity, so Christians shouldn’t be acknowledged to be affiliated with a unique celebration.

3. You can’t adjust people’s hearts by changing legislation.

4. Country changing was not portion of Jesus’s mission, so it shouldn’t be component of ours.

5. In “fighting” for our rights, we’re not putting some others 1st.

6. Politics produce division and division is the enemy.

7. Politically involved Christians just want to “get our way” or obtain “power.”

There ARE unhealthy mixes of religion and politics, but that is not the topic of this episode (even though I do acknowledge those a bit as I deal with the earlier mentioned factors). My function in this article is to address those people who are cautioning Christians to remain out of politics in substantial strategies. I imagine that is a grave slip-up.

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