When does child maintenance end or stop?

when does child maintenance end after 18

When does child advantage conclusion? When do routine maintenance payments cease? Do pupils nonetheless get maintenance?

You’d believe this would be a easy query. But there is not a very simple remedy on the Uk government internet site or the CMS website and I’ve used months making an attempt to obtain info which is responsible and crystal clear.

Effectively, friends, I’ve spent an hour on keep ready to discuss to the Little one Maintenance Service this morning. Eventually, I have a definitive answer about when child upkeep ends and when/how payments prevent. Hopefully this will you help save that time!  And perhaps make your co-parenting just a little bit much less tense!

Do you get maintenance if a little one leaves college?

So your baby is turning 16 and you are thinking if upkeep payments stop when they are 16th… well, possibly.

If a little one leaves college at 16 and goes into employment or an apprenticeship that incorporates Significantly less than 12 several hours a 7 days of supervised education/education (on typical) then maintenance payments will cease the month that they start this instruction or work, OR on their 16th birthday (whichever is afterwards)

Furnishing your baby is nevertheless executing 12 hrs of more of supervised analyze or program do the job every single week then they are even now entitled to upkeep.

Do you get maintenance if youngsters are at university?

Most youthful men and women never go away university at 16, and will continue with some form of non-superior schooling such as A-Degrees, T-Ranges, BTECs or apprenticeships where by youthful folks go to school for a pair of times just about every 7 days. In this case, the kid is entitled to routine maintenance through their study course.

There are a few doable points wherever maintenance paid to students arrives to an stop:

  • The kid finishes their non-innovative program and moves on to college or bigger instruction. Routine maintenance payments stop the thirty day period that your boy or girl finishes their system or leaves college.
  • The boy or girl finishes their program and moves into work. Again, upkeep payments will conclude the thirty day period that the boy or girl finishes their course.
  • The kid could retake examinations or sit supplemental non-advanced examinations or switch classes. In this situation, maintenance ends only when the little one leaves non-innovative schooling OR on their 20th birthday (whichever is faster).


How does servicing end?

Do you obtain maintenance as a result of the CMS, or does your co-mum or dad pay you immediately employing CMS calculations?

If so then you don’t have to have to do anything about telling the CMS about your child’s circumstances. As little ones flip 18, the Kid Gain agency will make contact with you to validate if your child is leaving non-state-of-the-art education. If they are, then the Kid Reward agency tells the CMS and the CMS will terminate the case for that baby, and any upcoming payments.

You really do not want to get in touch with CMS or do nearly anything by yourself. If you would like to then you can log on to CMS and notify them of a kid leaving schooling at a further position in time. In the large greater part of conditions, this is not essential.

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Ought to Moms and dads Spend Servicing Earlier 18?

Honestly, I think there’s some thing awful about (typically) men counting down the times till they are “free” of the load of upkeep. There are on line forums full of gentlemen arguing that they don’t will need to be having to pay servicing simply because their ex moved in with anyone else, or their little one has a weekend task, or some other “reason”.

I’d just say this: elevating young children does not magically charge zero because they’re 16 or 18 and if you’re any type of a gentleman and a father then you will continue your kid for as extensive as they need that assistance. And if they’re residing with your ex, then it would make perception to direct that guidance to their dad or mum.

Personally, I think for a lot of males, upkeep gets to be tied up with resentment of an ex. There’s a temptation to consider your ex is someway “fleecing” you of cash, that they really do not expend on the boy or girl. I recall after, in the early days, my daughter’s Father querying that I applied the maintenance to fork out expenditures, relatively than shopping for issues for his daughter.

I’ll say it once more for those who are new to this idea. Maintenance is there to guidance your child’s total everyday living. Indeed they have to have clothing and toys. But they also will need a position to dwell, and lights that function, and scorching water and foods. Every time they want to go to a university enjoy or a sporting activities club, they are remaining pushed there, or getting the bus with your ex.

If your ex utilizes servicing to get her nails finished that is simply because she’s by now utilised her dollars to shell out for the things your youngster desires. If you are contributing to the residence and your kid has all the issues they require to be secure and heat and balanced, then you have no bring about for criticism, in my e book.

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Agreeing Upkeep Post-18

When your boy or girl goes off to uni, my see is that equally mothers and fathers ought to go on to aid that boy or girl. A maximum scholar financial loan for dwelling charges is all around £9,000 a calendar year exterior London. Which is just about enough to cover university student lodging for a year at some universities. Your boy or girl will however require to pay back for publications and food stuff and bus passes and perhaps expenditures such as Tv set license and utilities. 

In our family members we have agreed that Flea’s Father will keep on to spend routine maintenance for as very long as she is at university. All through the expression-time, maintenance will be paid out to Flea. Not straight, we are not idiots. But maintenance will be paid out toward lodging. All through the holiday months, maintenance will be paid out to me. This will go towards expenses of her getting at property, of program. But also it will assistance shell out for kit she may well require for college, like new bedding or clothing, textbooks and so on.


I hope this swift guide to maintenance is beneficial if you have a teen who is approaching an age of leaving faculty. The great news is there is incredibly very little for you to do, and the method must just function alone out. But if not, then you do know when upkeep payments really should prevent, and you can make arrangements oneself if desired.

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