13 Strategic ways to develop good manners for kids

Staci S. Wright

When it comes to identifying some good manners for kids to teach them to live a good life, most of the parents get puzzled. Some parents succeed, while others need expert advice.

Behavioural changes in kids are natural and necessary for their overall growth. Childhood changes can affect kids’ minds for the rest of their lives positively and negatively. 

It depends on parents’ upbringing of their kids and analyzing what is good or bad for the kids. 

In the 21st century, kids are showing challenging and nasty behavioural problems. Parents are left with only one option: adopting some strategic ways to teach necessary etiquette for kids. 

All the strategies covered regarding teaching etiquette to kids in this post are positive and will help establish a strong connection with your children. 

Strategies to promote good manners in kids

There are some practical and strategic ways that you can use to promote manners in kids. 

Parents need to adhere firmly to the given strategies to expect good and well behaviour from kids soon. 

Kids learn good and bad things quickly; it depends upon parents how they are upbringing their kids.

Follow these strategies to bring up your kids for their bright future. 

Acknowledge kids for their good deeds

Kids fill with joy and groom their habits when someone acknowledges or praises them for their good acts. 

When the kids receive good feedback from parents, they feel proud and wish to live memorable moments again. 

Parents should verbally praise and encourage kids on their good efforts. This makes a path for kids where they can walk alone in the future for being a good human. 

Garnish them with fun and humor

The next strategy to implement good manners for kids is to have fun and be humorous. 

Fun and humor produce positive outcomes for kids. Make a habit of bringing a frequent smile or good laugh to your face whenever you interact with kids. 

Make jokes with them and listen to kids’ jokes, smile at their tricks, sing-song for them and do some fun things that kids enjoy a lot. 

By doing so, kids would start showing positivity and high morale for attaining all compulsory etiquette for kids. 

Take an interest in kids’ life.

Get involved in the lives of kids to teach them all the essential good manners for kids.

Childhood is very innocent and true in all its nature. Kids enjoy and keep excited every moment of the day. 

Start taking an interest in your kids’ life. Notice what they enjoy and what makes them so excited? Take part in the activities that kids like more. 

In this way, you can establish a window for yourself to teach good manners to children. 

Expect by their age

If you want to teach certain etiquette for kids, then you should lower your expectations for them. Before keeping any expectations from kids, consider their age and development level. 

Childhood life passes through three phases: infant, toddler, and teenager. An infant can’t learn like toddlers, and toddlers can’t develop like teenagers. 

Expect things that they can do. Basic etiquette for kids in the toddler phase is saying hello, sorry, thanks, and teaching the proper way of eating. 

Explain everything briefly.

Avoid yelling and shouting if they ask you something again and again. Many parents start shouting at kids if they ask something from them. 

Kids’ minds grow up to ten years of age, and till then, they learn hundreds of things every day. These things develop creative questions in their minds. 

Parents need to answer their questions quietly and briefly. To teach adequate manners for children, they can use examples throughout their explanation.

Let the kids speak

As kids possess a creative mind and they question a lot, even on silly things. Let them speak on what they are thinking. 

You should teach them appropriate etiquette for kids if they are saying anything inappropriate. 

Letting the kids speak makes them feel free and confident. In the future, they will not hesitate to be socially active. Moreover, they learn to impress others. 

Be their role model and inspiration.

To develop etiquette for kids, this is the best strategy. Improve yourself and be your kids’ role model. 

Usually, Kids learn and are influenced by the things that parents do. In order to teach good manners for kids, you must conduct yourself in a manner that will attract children. 

Do good things and leave all your bad habits or avoid them in front of your kids. Developing etiquette for kids might be a trick if you try to be an inspiration for your children. 

Make a timetable

Set some ground rules by making a timetable for your kids. This is a traditional but effective way to teach discipline and good manners for kids.

Include daily activities in the timetable such as time to wake up and sleep, when to eat, time for studying, playing time, and when to watch TV. 

Don’t force the timetable on kids; politely tell them to follow it. Once they make a habit of a disciplined and punctual life, they will follow it throughout their entire life. 

Teach kids to be responsible

Teach your kids to be responsible. It seems difficult but not impossible. The habit of being responsible should be grown in kids from childhood. 

Give them some little duties and work to complete them in a particular period. 

Later, check how much they have performed. Also, check the level of sincerity and responsibility they have shown during the task completion. 

Tell good stories to kids.

Stories leave a long-time impression and effect on the human mind. Kids assume stories as a reality and try to find their resemblance in the real world. 

Tell good moral stories to your kids so that they can learn good lessons from them. The learned lessons will bring good behavior and positive energy to kids. 

Tell your children two times a week stories that contain important etiquette for kids. Repeat the stories that kids like more. 

Kids listen to old stories with great patience and interest from grandmother and grandfather. Such family members can also help your kids to learn good manners. 

Be firm on some things.

There may be some instances when your kid repeatedly behaves very badly and in an ill manner. In such a situation, you need to be firm. 

Teach them firmly what is good or bad, what to do or not, and what is acceptable or not. 

Sometimes there is a need to be a little bit strict with the kid, but not for long. 

A little bit of strictness tends kids to feel guilty about their maiden mistakes. Once they start feeling sorry for their bad actions, they will hesitate to repeat the same things in the future. 

Express your love to them

Good manners for children can be developed through love. It is the medicine of many human ailments. Likewise, kids can also be kept in control if you show your love to them.

Kids need your affection and attention towards them. Many things can be taught to them just by expressing your love for them. 

Teaching etiquette to kids in such a way is a little bit emotional, but it is very practical and influential. 

Avoid couple quarreling

Soft arguments between a couple do not affect kids’ minds negatively. But if the arguments convert into worse conditions, then it impacts kids negatively. 

Kids’ minds grow with their age; they keep memorizing and adhering to the witnessed negative and positive incidents that happened in the past.

The couple’s fights result in seedling ill-manners in the kid’s mind. Avoid fighting with each other, specifically in front of kids. 

List of manners for kids

This list of manners for kids is not for those children who are over ten years of age because they start learning skillful manners by themselves. Parents guide them on what is good or bad they are doing. 

But kids below ten years of age need to learn some basic manners. Teach your toddlers the etiquette for kids given below. 

  1. Teach them to say ‘Hello’ or ‘Hi’ to known people. 
  2. Educate them to greet everyone who comes home.
  3. Teach your kids that when someone gives you something, they need to show gratitude by saying Thanks. 
  4. Teach them to respect everyone and be kind. 
  5. Tell them always to speak the truth and never lie.  
  6. Make it understood not to interrupt when elders are talking with each other. 
  7. Say please when you ask for something. 
  8. Don’t make bad faces and keep smiling
  9. Teach them not to laugh unnecessarily
  10. Make a habit of sharing things.
  11. Treat others in a good way.
  12. Take a bath and brush your teeth every day. 
  13. Eat food properly and do not make a sound while chewing food. 
  14. Teach them to wash their hands frequently.
  15. Don’t eat something from unknown people. 
  16. Don’t run across the road and hold your parents’ hand while walking on a road. 


Parents are always conscious about their kid’s future. Teaching good manners to them is the foundation of their bright future.

Learning the good things does not end throughout life; every parent needs to teach manners to their kids. 

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