4 Interesting Animal That Starts With I

Staci S. Wright

These animals get started with the letter ‘i’ and they’re not just adorable – they’re also pretty beneficial! There are quite a few distinctive varieties of animals that start with the letter I, but these 10 are some of the most exciting types. Examine on to see why they are so unique! These animal that commences with i for the reason that they are smart.

1. The Iguanodon –

Animal That Commences With i

The Iguanodons have been one of the largest land animals ever to wander the earth. They lived all through the late Jurassic period of time (about 150 million a long time back). Their title arrives from the Latin word iguana meaning lizard. They were being herbivores and had huge heads, shorter legs, and little bodies.

2. The Ichthyosaur – Animal That Begins With i

The ichthyosaurs had been marine reptiles that lived for the duration of the Cretaceous Interval (145–65 million decades ago). They had been aquatic creatures that swam by way of the seas. They experienced fins along their backs and tails, and flippers on their front feet. They also had two rows of tooth on every aspect of their mouth.

3. The Iguana

The iguana is an animal indigenous to Central The united states. It has a lizard-like entire body and a tail that is lengthier than its head. Scales go over its skin, and it has four toes on each individual foot. It has a really strong sense of scent and flavor, and it works by using its tongue to capture insects.

4. The Ibis – Animals That Starts With i

The ibis is a bird native to Africa. It has a extended neck and legs, and it has two wings that fold up when it is not flying. It has a significant monthly bill and eats seeds, fruits, and berries.


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