Take a Walk with Ghosts in Greer Station this October

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Have you ever wondered about the colorful and perhaps haunted history of the South Carolina town of Greer, SC? This fall, the chance to familiarize yourself with the spirits of the city is here. So read on, and put the Greer Station Ghost tours on your calendar!
Be sure to grab your tickets because they usually sell out fast! Tickets are on sale now! Tours happening now through October 31st, 2022.

Thank you to Greer Heritage Museum for providing tickets so we could review this tour for our readers!

Greer Ghost Tours Marquee

Greer Ghost Tours: Ruffians and Scoundrels

Go on a mysterious journey into Greer Station’s rather rough and tumble past full of Ruffians and Scoundrels. You will learn about Downtown Greer’s history through masterfully told stories of past residents, some of who are rumored to still hang around. We won’t give away those stories here, but both history buffs and those really into ghost lore will love these stories.

Your tour begins at the historic train depot, and your guide will take you on a walking tour of downtown to visit the locations that some former residents are said to like to frequent.

Tour guide on Greer Ghost Tours

The tour ends with a visit to the Greer Heritage Museum, which is on the national register of historic places. When the tour ends, take some time to see all the things on display from Greer’s history. There’s also a short film you can sit and watch in Greer Heritage Museum’s new Greer Theater exhibit.

Touring Greer, SC on a Greer Ghost Tour

Ruffians & Scoundrels Tour and Kids

The Ruffians & Scoundrels tour is not exceptionally spooky, creepy or gory. It’s a ghost tour. But it’s also a lot of interesting historical tidbits told through fun story-telling. I wouldn’t hesitate to bring kids on this tour, especially preteens and teens. We didn’t bring our kids, but they would have enjoyed it!

New Greer Ghost Tour: Murder & Mayhem Cemetery Tour

Greer Ghost Tour Guide

While the Greer Ghost Tours are in their third year of telling ghost stories around the town, the Murder & Mayhem tour is the newest one to learn about the questionable background of some of the town’s early residents – residents who still may live there in one form or another. 

The Murder & Mayhem tour starts right in the Greer City Cemetery. Way to entice the crowd, right? There were about 60 people on our tour but plenty of space to see our guide, decked out in a top hat holding a walking stick and lantern. 

After receiving instructions on proper cemetery edict, we started to learn about all the creepy and unexplainable events that happened right where we were standing, starting in the late 1800s. Because this tour focused on both murder and mayhem, we learned of how bootleggers shot the town’s police chief, leaving his young widow and children alone. We learned about a love triangle that ended badly and how the woman’s ghost has been seen by people today (right behind the playground at Greer City Park I may add).

I can’t give away all the details though – you’ll have to go on the tour for those!

Walking Around Greer

The tour continued through the cemetery and then we walked around the backend of Trade Street to learn more creepy stories of a builder from Greenville who wanted to purchase a woman’s house and land. I can tell you it didn’t end well. We traveled over to the site of the Truist bank today, which once sat the town’s biggest hotel, which was run by a crook of a man – that story also doesn’t end well as you may have guessed by now. 

The tour ended at the super cool Greer Heritage Museum with a big coffin-like contraption in the middle of the museum that our guide explained was a very old body bag. I don’t get creeped out easily but that did it for me. 

Murder & Mayhem and Kids

The tour sells tickets for kids as young as 5 years old and I took my 8-year-old and 11-year-old. They can be sensitive kids and weren’t terribly scared during the tour but some of the stories sparked some fear later on when we got home. The tour is family-friendly in the sense that it’s PG-rated but the ghostly concepts may scare some kids – this very much depends on the personality of your children. 

Tips & Getting Tickets

Both tours are about 45 minutes to an hour long and you have time to explore the Greer Heritage Museum afterwards, which we’d certainly suggest as it’s pretty cool.

  • Go to the restroom before you start the tour as there are no restrooms until you get to the Greer Heritage Museum at the end of the tour. 
  • Ghost tours are a great date night! Grab a meal or a drink at Cartwright Food Hall before your tour.
  • The tour is accessible for anyone and involves about four blocks of walking total, maybe a bit more depending on where you parked your car.

Tickets are $6 per child ages 5 to 15, and $12 for adults. Kids 4 and under are free. Tickets will be collected at the start of the tour, either by presenting a printed ticket or a digital ticket from your phone. Children four and under are free, but please keep in mind the length of the tour.

Be sure to grab your tickets because they usually sell out fast. Tours happening now through October 31st, 2022.

3rd Floor ghost in Greer, SC

Don’t Skip the Amazing Greer Heritage Museum!

Whether you explore the museum after your tour or visit Greer Heritage Museum on a different day, be sure this place is on your list. It’s filled to the brim with historic treasures from Greer’s past. There are so many stories under this roof!

Greer Heritage Museum

Greer Heritage Museum
106 South Main Street, Greer | 864.877.3377

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